David Snatt


Many of these paintings are a record of journeys of one kind or another. Having been tied to the house and garden for so long now, these paintings remind me how much I miss the wider world: whether near and local or further afield, travel is food for the soul. I am drawn in particular to the changing light effects seen between day and night; the bright and cosy draw of artificial light glowing from shops reflected from surfaces or distorted through rain on a window. I seek out these magical moments; repeated journeys allow me to predict where and when a good scene might materialise.

The ‘caught moment’ is the starting point but any painting can assume an identity of its own once under way.  Its personality can hover about the edges and emerge of its own accord.  I’m reluctant to suggest what bigger themes might be conveyed through these works. I can only experience them through my own lens, carrying my own baggage. I do notice a trend and flavour though: I seem to convey a slightly wistful, melancholy world; perhaps a reflection of the places and times that appeal to me. But this is filtered, refined and condensed in the painting process and becomes a magnified expression of self.

David Snatt June 2020

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